Curate Me Out

Pilfering the format’s of ITV’s Take Me Out and Blind Date, Curate Me Out involved BAZ setting up three curator-artist ‘dates’ as part of a commission for The Event 2011.  

Hosted by Jessica Voorsanger as Andy Warhol, Thomas Gainsborough and Claude Monet 

Winning lucky couples were invited to spin The Duchamp Wheel of Fortune to determine their date:  

The Arts Council HQ in Manchester - The Hive - to see the honey producing process from start to finish. You’ll end the day by taking part in their daily ‘waggle dance’!

You’re be joining the West Midlands Cub Scout Association, as they enjoy a day of basic flyer origami at Eastside Projects. 

Curators: Helen Legg / Helen Jones / Mona Casey 
Artists: Cathy Wade / Katy Woods / Liam Gillick’s cat / Robert Grose / Georgie Park / Bob & Roberta Smith / Juneau Projects / An Endless Supply / Dan Burwood

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