Comference: Missed Connections

What’s the difference between Andy Kaufman’s ‘Mighty Mouse’ and Gilbert & George’s ‘Singing Sculpture’?

Saturday October 6th / The Hare & Hounds Kings Heath 

Featuring comedienne JoJo Smith, comedy scholar Dr Paul Mcdonald, academic Rattigan T. Mullarchy & performance expert Dr Morgan Murphy. 

The starting point for the comference is a short essay by Philip Auslander entitled Missed Connections (available online here, 1/2 way down page). In this Auslander asks questions to do with: ‘Cultural distinctions, particularly that between fine art and popular culture, and boundaries of inquiry. Why are particular performances and other art works discussed in some contexts and relationships but not in others’. The comference asked comedian’s, academics and artists to respond to the ideas raised in Auslander’s article.

The Comference formed part of the Birmingham Comedy Festival 2012

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